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RF Engineering

The right location >

Image by Zany Jadraque

Proper site placement and antenna system design is imperative. The RF link is the part of the network that touches every customer. Services include:

Search Ring / New Site Design

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Microwave Path Engineering 

Antenna System Designs

Small Cell Designs

Site Modification

Site Audits

A&E Services

Anticipate change > 

Image by Element5 Digital

The only thing consistent in Wireless is change.  Constantly changing site designs and goals require being familiar with the latest trends. Services include:

Site Surveys

Zoning & Construction Drawings


Tower Analysis

Permit Submission and Tracking

Utility Coordination

Geotechnical Analysis

Mount Mapping

Structural Analysis

Site Acquisition

Your perfect location >

Image by Helloquence

Location, location, location! Every site is different.  We work to ensure that to ensure every site meets the customers criteria.  Services include:

RF Justification/Zoning Reports

Regulatory Compliance

Site Feasibility Analysis

Client Representation

Lease Negotiations

Zoning & Permitting

Survey Analysis

Lease Review

Drone Services

Explore every angle >

Image by Kaleb Kendall

Emerging technology in the drone space allows us to employ new ways to service our customers needs.

Services include:

Site Audits

Asset Management

Site Placement


Candidate Analysis

Construction Management

We'll oversee it all >

Image by Guilherme  Cunha

A site built correctly is the key objective. It must follow all set regulations and be built according to specification.

Services include:


Construction Oversight

Macro Sites Construction

Small Cells Construction

Distributed Antenna Systems. 

RF Safety

Your digital watchdog >

Image by Adi Goldstein

RF emissions have been thrust to the forefront as a significant public concern. We strive to educate our customers and the public of the benefits and safety of non-ionizing RF energy. Services include:


RF Safety Reports
Maximum Permissible Exposure Analysis

Expert Witness Testimony

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